In order to answer questions that are common in most visitors to the page and calls, we chose a few questions.

1 Referred to ARE A DIFFERENT AGENCY, input all businesses are different. What‘s different about Blue Lights.?

Answer. We are different because all the staff working here have another responsibility, or studying or working in quite another thing to this. This does not depend only on this work and the way we treat you different. We have girls and boys students, employees and managers in large companies, banks and organizations.

We are different because customer relations and girls is different and preferential.

We are different because we care and occupies as offering a complete quality service, honest and responsible, and we are looking for ways to improve services for our customers. We have more variety of services.

2. As the girls have medical care and checkups?

Answer: Every girl should periodic medical examinations, one each month, review and other routine complete quarterly review and analysis was performed. Each girl must deliver a copy of the results when prompted.

Besides this, try that girls DO NOT GIVE A ROW SERVICE, ie leave the event and go elsewhere, even I have refused service to customers for the girl who asked, just out of an event and does not seem right or honest . Ideally, each event is that the minimum spend 2 hours, and so the girl can have time to rest, bathe and get on better terms with the customer.

The girls are prohibited from working at another agency or on your own, as we look to the medical control is safer, Failure to comply with the points of this question is to terminate the girl immediately, and publish it the last section with the concept of news down policies of the Agency

3. The girls in the photos are what really lead me? and this updated page and the girls?

Answer; I assure you that the photos are real and correspond to the girls, the girls who are down, the same day published inthe section Latest News, THE PAGE IS UPDATED EVERY DAY, AT LEAST 3 TIMES A DAY.

4. As condom use is handled in the oral and few relationships I have?

Answer: Relationships can have ALL you like, blowjob is like you WITH or WITHOUT a condom, relationships are CONDOM.

5. It’s real service that comes in every description of the girls?

Answer: Real and it’s very important that service includes chequen that every girl.

6. Where I can I complain about poor service or problem?

Anser: Nextel Al 8998 6003 or serviciola@hotmail.com service and I‘ll answer personally and will resolve the complaint. three real complaints from some girl and this is a reason to shoot it down.

7. Because the service is highly variable from one girl to another?

Anser: Because every girl decides to schedule that day and what type of service you want to offer is very important that the girls feel comfortable and safe.

8. The ad says that accept credit and debit cards, as that concept appears in my statement?

Answer: In payment is through Pay Pal, you fill the data on the page, you speak or send email or text message to confirm that is already recorded the transaction and send you to the girl, the ideal would be to make the minimum operating 2 hours before .

The line item on your statement is: Pay Pal Payment

9. Recommend that hotels that fit them closer?

The preference of the center, the area where this el Hotel Paris, Los de av. Rangel Frias and Lincoln, super Motel and ATM. , Los de la Av. Clouthier by the cable-stayed bridge, El Pedregal y el Mirador …..In Centrika EL Begoña y el DALI de Churubusco, Gran d Motel, Casa Blanca Bernardo Reyes. The girls all hotels, but these have lower response time.

10. If the girl arrives and I do not like or is not pedi girl, who comes?

Answer: The you can return at no cost to you, complain to the telephones of the Agency.

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