Because loyalty has its rewards

Club CF, is the program that builds your services and rewards. Frequent Customer Club of Blue Lights

As CF Club work?

  1. It is a FREE program, and seek to win, but that is discreet and easy to handle.
  2. Order your frequent customer number, phone, Cell message, email, Messenger, Twitter. It is discreet, you can give a false name, a pseudonym or keep anonymous and mention your number.
  3. Each time you ask a service by whatever means, state your number and when you start to accumulate.
  4. Three services and gain a bonus of $ 500 pesos descunto which you can use on your next service with the girl you want.
  5. All services are cumulative, regular service, trios, Bachelor couples. etc.
  6. It has no expiration date, ie the services you can earn in a month or as long as possible, to claim the coupon codes, there is no expiration date.
  7. The voucher is only valid as a discount for any service, not cash.
  8. Can someone else use your number and you accumulate.
  9. Castings. Publish in the Newsletter the girls to be in, want to know it before anyone even cost promo. The castings will only be exclusive to Club CF and people who receive our newsletters.
  10. Soon we will have other services also entered the Club program CF
  11. This program is valid also in the service of guys to girls, guys and couples kids for kids
  12. The first 30 numbers are separated for the 30 most common and oldest customers, if we give you a number between 1 and 30 is that you are the most frequent customers or longer.
  13. Promotions and special services also accumulate.


Any questions, please contact the Staff

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