Foreign Clients

If you are planning to visit our city and want some of the girls will attend, we suggest, since before traveling, can contact us, and remove the girl and time that you want to have in your hotel.

1. No need to do it by phone. It can be by Mail, Messenger or Message of Cell, We have staff attending these means, from 7am to 11.30pm. Any questions, please comment on it. In these ways you answered Roberto.

2. It is important to consider this, as some girls require separate appointment with anticipación.Tu appointment will be separated for the day, place and time requested.

3. The girls understand that the discretion is very important at this lugares.Por what is the first thing we consider.

4. If you want a girl, but you can not receive it in your hotel. We have the FREE service, transfer to a Motel, the nearest to your hotel or your preference. Spend one of the drivers of the Agency, with the girl you requested and takes them to the Motel, Los wait and take you back to Hotel, This is NO EXTRA COST.

We only ask if you require this service, I comment upon requesting the service

As TIP, Czech section of promotions, aver if the girl you like, you have a promotion day that you apply.


Mr. Antonio Gomez

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Hola, que chica estan disponibles...

Actualización del sábado 23 septiembre de 2023 8:00 am

1Nueva: Daniela: Alto nivel, muy bonita 3800

Ya puedes agendar para mañana a Brenda y Anna

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Ya estamos aplicando costo por traslado a Moteles Niu, Sadao, Dalí CH, Señorial. Además de los moteles que ya se aplicaba

Citas 818-9986003 y 818-396-5706 llamada, WhatsApp y Telegram

En todo servicio aplica costo por traslado, excepto en Love, plaza Arteaga, Arteaga 2020, Plaza Zuazua, Cascada, México, Hacienda, Washington, Grand Motel. 1505, Begoña

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